Vintage Berwick Snack Set, Set of 6

$ 55.00

Vintage Berwick (aka Boopie) Pattern Snack Set. Set of 6 (12 pieces total). The Berwick pattern, commonly referred to as "Boopie," was manufactured by the Anchor Hocking Glass Corp. from the 1950s to the 1970s.  

Clear glass 3-part rectangular snack sets with an indentation to accommodate the coordinating cup. Another, larger indentation to accommodate the snack, and one, funily enough, originally to accommodate a cigarette which you can tell from the curved groove at the corner of this indentation (top of the image). That was the 50's for ya. We certainly don't recommend using for that, but prefer to recommend fruit to go with the snack, or lunch! 

Plate handles of articulated small glass knobs on each side, decorative scrolling around the edges and groved lines across the bottom underneath. Flat on the bottom's topside. They measure approximately 11" x 6"W including the handles. 

The 6 oz. cups also have articulated knob shapes forming the handle. They're round on top with a squared bottom. Very distinctive shape. They measure 2-3/4" at top x 2-1/2"H 

All pieces are in excellent to mint condition. 

Ships to USA addresses only. Package will weigh about 15 lbs for the set of 6. This is reflected in the shipping cost which also includes insurance. Usually ships within 2 business days.

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