Antique Classical Black Metal Female Figure Table Lamp

$ 164.00

Lamp of classical 19th century female figure on a pedestal. Pedestal looks like antique brass and figure is a painted black meta, although likely its all smelter. Likely made in mid century. Not sure what artist this fine sculptural lamp is fashioned after, but one that comes to mind is French sculptor, Auguste MOREAU (1834-1917) or his father, Jean-Baptiste Moreau, but alas, no signature.

Measures 24"H to top of socket. 32"H overall including the 10" harp. 6" diameter at the base. Good condition. Metal in excellernt condition. Paint not so much. Paint is chipped or worn off here and there. Personally I like it like that 'cause it makes it look antique. Lamp shade not included.

We always recommend the wiring of vintage lamps be updated for safety reasons since its vintage and we can't guarantee the wiring is safe to operate as is. Use the 'Cord Replacement by Seller' listing if you would like our local electrician to replace the cord for $35 extra. You can find it here:

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