Teal Recycled Glass Tumblers & Goblets

$ 24.95 $ 32.65

Recycled Glass Teal Transformed Bottle Set. Elegantly crafted from a white wine bottle transformed into tumbler and goblet. 100% recycled glass. For a great conversation piece, select this transformed whole bottle where you can show your friends the top and bottom of the wine bottle, recreated into a goblet and tumbler.  

Two-piece bottle collection available in Frosted only. 
Goblet: Volume: 7 oz. Height: 7" Width: 3" 
Tumbler: Volume: 8.5 oz. Height: 4" Width: 3" 

Tempered glass. Dishwasher safe. Not made for microwave or hot liquids. Sold as a set of two, one goblet and one tumbler. This glassware is a Teal tinted glass, which is a greenish tint, in frosted glass only. Made in the USA.

Orders accepted for USA addresses only. Usually ships within two business days. 

Regularly $32.65. Now on sale!!

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