Recycled Glass Cabana Bottle Set

$ 29.95 $ 32.65

A Willow colored Cabana Design Bottle Set from 100% recycled glass. Charming sunshine design on clear willow colored glass. A real conversation starter made from one bottle. The top of bottle transformed into the goblet and the bottom into the tumbler. 100% recycled from Napa Valley wine bottles, reclaimed and fashioned into this glassware, so perfect for a green gift. Tempered glass. Dishwasher safe. Not suitable for microwave use nor hot liquids. Sold by the pair, one goblet and one tumbler as shown. 

Made in U.S.A. Limited quantities. 

Goblet: Volume: 5-1/2 oz. Height: 6-1/2" Width: 2-3/4".
Tumbler: Volume: 7 oz. Height: 3-1/2" Width: 2-3/4". 

Orders accepted for U.S. only. Usually ships within two business days. 

Regularly $32.65. Now on sale!!

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